To be a highly proactive company that contributes to the growth and success of its customers, partners and its people.


To provide an enduring customer experience through constant self improvement, and to add value to their business by being proactive to their needs.


Quality, Innovation, Excellence and Customer Satisfaction are the four pillars on which the organization rests.

At SYNAPSE, we source for Talent - 24/7 to find the perfect match for your staffing needs


Work With An Innovator & Market Leader Gain Industry Insight with Guarantees


Optimize Energy Consumption Tackle Climate Change Adopt Innovative Technology


Secure Long-Term Benefits Cut Costs & Improve Bottom Line

We pride ourselves in being a customer-focused company. As part of our endeavor to honor and service our customers requirements, we focus on continually improving our processes as well as being time and cost efficient. We believe that each one of us has a positive contribution in improving the quality of our processes. We encourage such behavior. At an operations level, stringent quality checks are in place toward achieving and maintaining a zero error environment. Quality is one of the key parameters of assessment in our performance management system.

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